Professional Background

I graduated from BSc in Computer Science in 2015 but began my software development journey in 2014 with Teknowledge Shared Services, Sri Lanka as an Associate Software Engineer. My role exposed me to technologies like C#, ASP.NET, and MySQL, where I was instrumental in the development of various ERP systems such as:

  • Human Resource Management System: I optimized employee management processes by automating tasks like report generation, attendance, leave tracking, and email notifications to the HR department.
  • Production Operation Management System: Ensured timely data capture and report generation to aid managers in tracking company production details.
  • Labour Module: Developed a dynamic system that forecasts and assigns labour based on uploaded purchase orders.
  • Dry Goods Inventory Module: Designed for tracking and reporting on company dry goods expenses, enabling managers to enhance productivity.

In 2015, my role at BBDO Lanka allowed me to diversify into digital marketing and content management alongside web development. Here, I honed my skills in website creation, digital marketing campaigns, and SEO, collaborating closely with clients to offer bespoke digital solutions.

Relocating to Australia in 2017, I served Ethical Prospecting in dual capacities – as an IT Technical Support Specialist and a Call Quality and Compliance Analyst. Although my role shifted, my commitment to IT remained unwavering, steering me back to software development by 2021.

At Electricity Wizard, I initially familiarised myself with the Australian energy market before transitioning to their software development team. My recent contributions include managing legacy systems, web development using the MERN stack, and assisting offshore teams. Notably, I handled various facets like deploying React applications, bug fixes, developing responsive UIs, and mentoring offshore teams.

My knack for diagnosing frontend and backend issues, proficiency in Git, and effective communication have been pivotal to my success. I always prioritise stakeholder engagement to ensure their requirements are met and they are consistently updated on project developments. My commitment to refining processes and keen attention to detail have consistently facilitated smooth project deliveries.